Our Academies

We run 3 types of training academy, here is some information.

Polished Concrete System Academy:

This is a comprehensive 2 day training academy during which on day 1 you'll be shown how to place & process our TRU overlay system. On day 2 you'll be looking at our Polished Concrete System which covers applying colour, densifying and polishing.

Colour Like A Pro Academy

This is a 1 day training academy covering all aspects of placing Ameripolish colour into concrete. A great course offering plenty hints & tips.

Rapid Repairs Academy

This is a 1 day academy covering a wide array of substrate repair options and scenarios from hairline cracks to complete shoulder and joint reinstatement. We work with cementitious, epoxy & polyurea systems during this day.


There is a small charge & deposit system for our academies, the charge itself covers lunches & refreshments, the deposit system ensures attendance which is then credited upon completion into your account. Make contact to enquire.


The Polished Concrete System Academy DAY 1

Prep & Prime


Our training academy covers all aspects of the TRU polished overlay system from substrate repair & Prep

Mixing TRU


We will take you through mixing and flow testing the product & why water content is important

Placing The Material


You'll know what to expect on site, how the material should flow & how to process to thickness

The Curing Process


We'll discuss site conditions and the relevant controls to ensure successful placement of the product

Grind & Polish


Each step will be performed in detail to demonstrate the grinding, grouting, densifying & polishing of the overlay

The Finished Surface


Once the stain protector is applied, we'll discuss our smart floor maintenance system to keep your floor in pristine condition 

The Polished Concrete System Academy DAY 2

Substrate Repairs


We look at carrying out minor substrate repairs prior to polishing. Hairlines, pop outs etc

Grinding Concrete


We'll discuss and look at how to grind concrete effectively and with the right tooling



Here we'll see our Surface Refinement Grout in action and understand the principles of substrate integrity

Applying Colour & Densifier


Getting colour into cured concrete has always been hit & miss! The Ameripolish system always hits! Here  we'll learn about when to place the colour & how to keep it there!

Polishing Concrete


This is really where the action happens! we'll begin the refinement process using progressively finer diamonds, we transform the concrete

Protecting The Concrete


This is the finale with polished concrete which really must be understood & managed